When a Drug is Not a Medicine

By Admin | January 11, 2012 | Category: Pharmacotherapy
When a Drug is Not a Medicine
By Ralph Tarantino, PhD
Pharmaceutical Consultant and Principal, SteriTech Solutions, LLC
Middletown, NJ

It wasn’t all that long ago that generic drugs were the exception rather than the rule. On expiration of the innovator’s patent, there would be a somewhat gradual decline in sales due to generic competition, but a loyal following of prescribers and patients would keep the product afloat for a few years. Their faith in the brand name would be buoyed by the know-how behind the product, the innovator’s history of success, and the knowledge that there was a best-in-the-field staff of scientists and technologists who made the product possible. It was good decision making. Drug product choice is a very important decision. [More]

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