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  • A Complication of Pregnancy: Are You Prepared?, Burkman RT, Fennell JL. 36:45-47(September)
  • A New Option in Emergency Contraception, Fine P. 36:41-44(February)
  • A Review of Lower Urinary Tract Injuries, Quinones M, Finamore PS. 36:30-33(June)
  • ACOG and SMFM weigh in on FDA decision about Compounding Drug used to prevent preterm babies , . 1:6(May)
  • Acupuncture Stimulation and Obstetrics: "To Stick or Not to Stick?--That Is the Question", Malshe A, Wiczyk H. 36:16-19(February)
  • Adjuvant Zoledronic Acid Not Beneficial in Breast Cancer, . 1:2(October)
  • Adolescents and the IUD: An Underutilized Contraception for a High-Risk Population, Forcier M, Harel Z. 36:22-24(June)
  • An Ethically Justified, Practical Approach to Informed Consent for TOLAC Delivery, Chervenak FA, McCullough LB. 36:44-46(November)
  • Anal Dysplasia: A Growing Problem, Nelson A, Rubin M. 36:45-50(March)
  • Annual Mammogram at Age 40 Now Recommended by ACOG, . 1:2(July)
  • Antepartum Fetal Surveillance Today: The Case for Condition-Specific Fetal Testing, Vintzileos AM. 36:13-14(January)
  • Appendicitis in Pregnancy: Clinical and Imaging Update , Ashmead GG, Katz D. 36:24-29(March)
  • Breast Cancer Screening: Do You Know the Latest Recommendations?, . 36:(December)
  • Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care, . 1:(June)
  • Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care, Audiocast. 1:(June)
  • Cardiovascular Health Q-Cast, . 36:1(February)
  • CDC and NFID Discuss Adult Vaccination Rates , This article is accompanied by an audiocast. 2:1(January)
  • CEE and the WHI Estrogen-Alone Trial, Dr Margery Gass. 1:(May)
  • CEE and the WHI Estrogen-Alone Trial, Audiocast. 1:1(May)
  • Cervical Cancer Q-Cast (January), . 1:1(January)
  • Cervical Cancer Tests and Treatment, . 36:34-37(January)
  • Chronic Cough in Women, Sankey HZ. 36:24-30(May)
  • Cognitive Symptoms and Disorders in the Midlife Woman, Henderson VW. 36:49-53(May)
  • Counseling the Teen Patient on STI Prevention: Does it Matter?, . 36:(December)
  • Counseling the Teen Patient on STI Prevention: Does it Matter?, . 36:1(December)
  • cover, . 36:(June)
  • cover, . 36:(May)
  • Cover, . 36:100(March)
  • Cover, . 36:(April)
  • Cover, . 36:(January)
  • Cover, . 36:(February)
  • Cover, . 36:(July)
  • Cover, . 36:(August)
  • Cover, . 36:(September)
  • Cover, . 36:(October)
  • Cover, . 36:(November)
  • Cover, . 36:(December)
  • Depression: Assessment and Treatment, . 36:(October)
  • Diabetes and Women Q-Cast, . 1:(April)
  • Diabetes, Women, and the ObGyn, Burkman RT. 36:12-13(May)
  • Don't Forget to Tighten Your Belt, Medicaid Growth and Payment Reform Are on the Way, Burkman RT. 36:12-13(December)
  • Electronic Health Records: Time to Take the Plunge, Gluck PA. 36:39-42(January)
  • Evaluating the Infertile Patient: An Evidenced-Based Review, Trolice MP. 36:25-30(January)
  • Evaluation and Nonsurgical Management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Part 1, Evans J, Karram M. 36:14-20(August)
  • Evaluation of Women With Atypical Glandular Cells on Cervical Cytology, Frey MK, Gupta D. 36:23-29(September)
  • FDA Safety Alert: Thermography is Not an Alternative to Mammography, . 1:1(June)
  • Female Genital Cutting: Addressing the Issues of Culture and Ethics, Ibe C, Johnson-Agbakwu C. 36:28-31(August)
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder, Burrows LJ, Resnick-Anderson K. 36:18-21(June)
  • Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: The Good, the Bad, and the Atypical, Ashmead GG. 36:14-22(April)
  • First 3-D Mammography Approved, Allows Better Screening, . 1:2(May)
  • Gardasil HPV-Vaccine Not Granted for Use in Adult Women , . 1:8(April)
  • Generations as Cultures: Can We Talk?, Nelson AL. 36:10-11(November)
  • Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasms: A Century of Progress, Marcus P. 36:35-40(February)
  • Granular Cell Tumor of the Vulva, Gleason BM. 36:40-41(August)
  • Guide to Contraceptive Counseling for Women With Medical Comorbidities, Part 1, Spencer AL, McNamara MC, Bonnema R. 36:22-30(October)
  • Guide to Contraceptive Counseling for Women With Medical Comorbidities, Part 2 , Bonnema R, McNamara MC, Spencer AL. 36:23-29(November)
  • Gynecologic Surgical Site Infections, Lewis C, Culligan P. 36:14-22(March)
  • Handoffs: A Continuing Challenge, Burkman RT, Fennell JL. 36:57-58(March)
  • Headaches and the Female Patient, . 36:(June)
  • Health Literacy and Surgical Informed Consent, Hammil S, Helitzer D, Rogers RG. 36:51-55(March)
  • How to discuss Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder with your patients, Audiocast. 36:1(March)
  • How to discuss Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder with your patients, . 36:99(March)
  • Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy—A Continuing Problem, Burkman RT. 36:14-15(September)
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Understanding the Impact on Midlife Women, Kingsberg, SA. 36:39-42(March)
  • Infertility and the Newer Diagnostic Modalities and Therapeutic Options, . 1:(April)
  • Infertility and the Newer Diagnostic Modalities and Therapeutic Options, Audiocast. 36:(April)
  • Intraoperative Placement of the Copper T 380 A Intrauterine Device at Time of Elective Cesarean Section, . 36:(November)
  • IVF—The Beginning of the Modern Era of Assisted Reproduction, Burkman RT. 36:13-14(February)
  • Labiaplasty: Surgical Correction in Adolescents , Reddy J, Laufer MR. 36:50-53(April)
  • Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Hysterectomy: Tips and Tricks, Hart S, Yeung P, Sobolewski CJ. 36:31-39(October)
  • LARC Methods—It Makes Sense to Increase Use!, Burkman RT. 36:12-13(October)
  • Large Intact Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy Removed via Laparoscopy, Ju R, Perretta T,Chang PL. 36:43-44(June)
  • Late Preterm Birth: More Complex Than Almost Term, Whitley KA, Quinones JN. 36:36-38(April)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre el Cáncer de Ovario a la Mediana Edad, . 36:50(September)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre el Control de los Movimientos del Intestino, . 36:49-50(June)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre el Estrés al Cuidar a Otras Personas durante la Mediana Edad, . 36:48(July)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre el Trastorno de Deseo Sexual Hipoactivo, . 36:59-60(March)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Anticoncepción de Emergencia , . 36:48(February)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre la Diabetes Gestacional, . 36:56(April)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Enfermedad de la Tiroides y el Embarazo, . 36:48(January)
  • Lo Que Usted Debe Saber Sobre la Infección de las Vías Urinarias, . 36:50(October)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre la Memoria y la Concentración a la Mediana Edad, . 36:55-56(May)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre La Trombosis Venosa Profunda, . 36:48(August)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre los Ácidos Grasos Omega-3 y su Corazón, . 36:50(November)
  • Lo que Usted Debe Saber Sobre los Fibromas Uterinos, . 36:55(December)
  • Management of External Genital and Perianal Warts (EGW): Proceedings of an Expert Panel Meeting, This roundtable meeting and supplement were supported by PharmaDerm, A Division of Nycomed US Inc.. 36:1-16(November)
  • Management of Severe Obesity in Pregnancy, Bennett WL, McDonald-Mosley R . 36:23-27(July)
  • Marine Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease, Manson JE, Bassuk, SS. 36:12-16(November)
  • Maternal Asthma Increases Risk of Preeclampsia, . 1:2(September)
  • Medical Errors and the Second Victim, Weiss P. 36:29-32(February)
  • Mobile Health: Cell Phones Can Help Reach Neonatal Goals, . 1:2(January)
  • Monopoly and Monopsony Power: A Growing Ethical Challenge in the Care of the Female Patient, Chervenak FA, McCullough LB. 36:12-13(April)
  • Myomectomy: Surgical Approaches, Flyckt R, Falcone T. 36:24-32(December)
  • Nonskeletal Benefits of Vitamin D: Beyond the Media Hype, Athanasiadis I, Simon JA. 36:35-38(June)
  • Nonsurgical Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Bowel Dysfunction, Part 2, Evans J, Karram M. 36:33-36(September)
  • Osteoporosis and Women Q-Cast, . 36:1212(March)
  • Ovarian Cancer Detection in Female Patients, . 36:(September)
  • Ovarian Cancer Tests and Treatment, Carter JS, Downs LS. 36:30-35(April)
  • Overcoming Barriers to Immunization, . 1:(January)
  • Paternal Fetal IGF2 Variants Up Maternal Glucose Levels, . 1:2(November)
  • Pessary Use for the Obstetrician Gynecologist, Jones KA, Atashroo D, Harmanli O. 36:41-48(April)
  • Possible Link between Breast Implants and a Rare Cancer , . 36:7(March)
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage: Emergency Management and Treatment, Brown HL, Smrtka M. 36:16-22(September)
  • Practice Makes Perfect–Or Does It?, Burkman R. 36:8-9(August)
  • Pregnancy and Obesity Q-Cast, Dr Burkman discusses complications of obesity in pregnancy.. 1:(July)
  • Prepubertal Vaginal Bleeding, Merritt DF, Focseneanu MA. 36:43-46(January)
  • Preterm Birth and Vaginal Progesterone, . 1:(July)
  • Preterm Birth and Vaginal Progesterone, Audiocast. 1:1(July)
  • Reducing Adverse Patient Outcomes, . 36:(August)
  • Reducing Adverse Patient Outcomes, Audiocast. 1:1(August)
  • Reentry into Practice: No Easy Path, Burkman RT, Fennell JL. 36:20-22(December)
  • Reproductive Impact of Thrombophilias and Antiphospholipid Antibodies, Trolice MP, Humphrey R. 36:22-27(August)
  • Risk Factors for Stroke, In this short video, Dr Burkman discusses the identity, etiology, and prevention of stroke. . 1:(May)
  • Robotic Surgery & Gynecologic Oncology: A Review of the Literature, Nezhat FR, Chang-Jackson SR, Acholonu UC, Cho JE, Shamshirsaz AA. 36:16-20(July)
  • Robotic Surgery: The Dilemma for Resident Training, Swisher E, Lara-Torre E, Weiss PM, Scribner DR. 36:36-38(August)
  • Sacral Neuromodulation for Fecal Incontinence, Shepherd JP, Wheeler T, Garris JB. 36:12-16(June)
  • Screening for Ovarian Cancer in Midlife Women, Rossi E, Clarke-Pearson DL. 36:37-40(September)
  • Sexuality in Breast Cancer Patients, . 36:(October)
  • Sexuality in Breast Cancer Patients, Audiocast. 36:1(October)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: Testing and Treatment, Shafii T, Burstein GR, Blythe MJ. 36:30-37(November)
  • Sleep Deprivation: It's Not Just an Issue With Residents, Burkman RT, Fennell JL. 36:40-42(June)
  • So You Think You Want a Robot? Costs and Implementation, Swisher E, Weiss PM, Scribner DR. 36:28-32(July)
  • Spontaneous Uterine Artery-Rupture in a Third-Trimester Pregnancy, Ikedilo A, Bibum G. 36:39-42(November)
  • STD Statistics and Screening Protocols Q-Cast, . 1:(August)
  • Strategies for Reducing Adverse Patient Outcomes in Obstetrics, Antoniewicz L, Hollier LM. 36:39-47(May)
  • Teens and SEX: $$$$$$$$$, Sulak PJ. 36:14-15(July)
  • Text Messaging Improves Patient Medication Adherence, This article is accompanied by an audiocast. 36:(February)
  • The Evolution of the Urine Pregnancy Test, Marcus P. 36:40-43(July)
  • The Female Patient, in a New Collaboration with The North American Menopause Society, Launches “Menopause Matters” , . 36:1(February)
  • The Impact of Sexual Symptoms on Women in Menopause , . 36:(September)
  • The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Can ObGyns Participate?, Burkman RT. 36:12-13(March)
  • The Role of Oral Agents in the Treatment of Gestational Diabetes, Plevyak M. 36:24-28(April)
  • The Role of Soy Isoflavones in Menopausal Health , . 36:(September)
  • The Role of Soy Isoflavones in Menopausal Health, . 36:1(September)
  • The Stress of Caregiving in Midlife Women, Berg JA. 36:33-36(July)
  • Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy Part 2: Hyperthyroidism , Abel D. 36:23-28(February)
  • THYROID DISEASE DURING PREGNANCY Part 1: Thyroid Function Testing and Hypothyroidism , Abel DE. 36:16-22(January)
  • To Air the Error: Lowering the Barriers to Successful Disclosure Conversations, Weiss PM, Koch S, Lara-Torre E, Scarrow PK. 36:17-21(November)
  • Treating Common Gynecologic Conditions With Acupuncture, Robinson C, Wiczyk H. 36:32-38(May)
  • Trial of Labor After Cesarean Delivery, . 36:(November)
  • Trial of Labor After Cesarean Delivery, Audiocast. 36:1(November)
  • Turner Syndrome: An Update for the Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Cohen A, Lynch KA. 36:36-41(December)
  • Urinary Incontinence: Accurate and Efficient Diagnosis, Rahn DD. 36:30-38(March)
  • Urinary Tract Infection 101: Diagnosis and Therapy, Minkin MJ. 36:14-18(October)
  • Uropathogenic Escherichia coli, Duplessis C, Warkentien T, Bavaro M. 36:18-23(May)
  • Using Text Messaging to Increase Patients Medication Compliance, . 36:3(February)
  • Uterine Anomalies Linked to Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, . 1:2(December)
  • Voiding Dysfunction After Midurethral Synthetic Slings: Update From Fellows' Pelvic Research Network, Sanses TVD. 36:42-49(December)
  • VTE and OCs With Drospirenone—Proceed With Caution, Burkman RT. 36:9-10(June)
  • WELLNESS: Critique Your Caloric Consumption, Sulak PJ. 36:14-19(December)
  • WELLNESS: Habits That Lead to Health and Happiness, Sulak PJ. 36:11-12(August)
  • WELLNESS: Make Movement Mandatory, Sulak PJ. 36:45-47(October)
  • What You and Your Patient Need to Know About Emergency Contraception, . 1:2(February)
  • What You and Your Patient Need to Know About Emergency Contraception, Audiocast. 36:0(February)
  • What You Should Know About Bowel Control, . 36:48-49(June)
  • What You Should Know About Deep Vein Thrombosis, . 36:47(August)
  • What You Should Know About Emergency Contraception, . 36:47-48(February)
  • What You Should Know About Gestational Diabetes, . 36:55(April)
  • What You Should Know About Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, . 36:59-60(March)
  • What You Should Know About Memory and Concentration at Midlife , . 36:55-56(May)
  • What You Should Know About Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Your Heart, . 36:49(November)
  • What You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer in Midlife Women, . 36:49(September)
  • What You Should Know about the Stress of Caregiving at Midlife, . 36:47(July)
  • What You Should Know About Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy, . 36:47-48(January)
  • What You Should Know About Urinary Tract Infections, . 36:49(October)
  • What You Should Know About Uterine Fibroids, . 36:50(December)
  • When a Long-Acting Contraceptive Device in the Uterus Is Not an "IUD", Brown WW. 36:37-39(July)
  • Why Women Are Hesitant To Receive Yearly Mammograms, Dr Milayna Subar. 1:(May)
  • Women Look to Hospitals for Headache Relief, . 1:2(June)

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