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Text Messaging Improves Patient Medication Adherence
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Boston, MA—A recent study by the Center for Connected Health reported that daily text messages (TMs) providing medication reminders and educational information about atopic dermatosis (a type of eczema) improved treatment adherence and self-care behaviors for patients.

At the conclusion of the 6-week study, 76% of patients reported a significant improvement in skin severity and 98% reported an improvement in at least one self-care behavior due to the TM reminders. Further, user feedback on the TM system was positive, as 88% and 92% of patients found the reminder TMs and educational TMs helpful. The pilot study—the first ever to combine medication reminders and educational information—involved 25 adolescent and adult patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and was published in the journal Dermatology Research and Practice.

 “Text messaging is a cost-effective way to deliver short, concise information to patients over a long period of time and, because it is automated, requires no extra effort from the provider,” said Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Director, Center for Connected Health and coauthor of the study. “Our study also indicates that patients are willing and ready to integrate technology, such as text messaging, into their care. It can also help to improve communication between patients and providers.”


Using Text Messaging to Increase Patients Medication Compliance

Dr Kvedar joins The Female Patient in an Audiocastto describe the evolving role of information technology in the medical field. Click here to listen to the interview.


—Neil Barbulescu
The Female Patient — February 1, 2011

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